Alex, project 2015-2016

Alex is a fictitious individual who acquired a real civilian status, and who is embodied by a real human being. But Alex is not a part for an actor. The embodied subject, who accepted to enter the film and to go by the rules of the protocol to give life to Alex, becomes a fiction, for real. And the people meeting Alex in and through the film become also a fiction. In contact with Alex, you become a fiction. (M.Korichi)Alex is a one year experiment of an invention of a person. A team including a psychoanalyst, a lawyer, an anthropologist, a scriptwriter, a stylist and an interpreter created Alex’s life in all aspects and make him exist in the society. After one year, Alex has an administrative and social existence, he has a bank account, he found an appartement, he made some friends… Pauline Bastard filmed Alex’s life and made installations out of it, associating sculptures and films.



Alex, meeting, excerpt

Alex, College des Bernardins (Paris), Kunsthal Aarhus, Galerie, Joan Prats (Barcelona)

Exposition Pauline Batsard _ Collège des Barnardins



















Alex, practice, excerpt

Alex, affirmation, excerpt

Alex, fulfillment, excerpt

The analyst, excerpt


The philosopher

Alexs, excerpt













     Entretien avec Gaël Charbau

     A la recherche d'"Alex" ? Magali Lesauvage, NRF

     Docteur Frankenstein, Alain Berland, Mouvement

     Entretien avec Frédéric Bonnet, JDA

    Je est Alex, Horya Makhlouf, Questions d'artistes

    Une vertigineuse immersion, Thor Oona Pignarre